What to keep in mind when choosing your pool

We recently talked about the right timing to start building a pool. However once decided, one of the most exciting steps to bring your dream pool to life is picking the style and build!

Let’s have a look at the main aspects you must consider before choosing a style that best fits you.

Think about your needs…

Do you aim to be as fresh as a cucumber during hot summer days? Are you looking for a nice entertainment area for your guests and friends? Or maybe just a splashy pool for the kids to have fun…

The function and purpose of the pool should be considered for first, as it will work as a foundation for all others choices. So relax, make a nice cup of tea and take your time for the right decision. Do you need an above ground or in-ground pool? Would you be better off saving money and investing in a spa for small entertainment purposes? It’s important to first think about your needs so your pool fits your needs.

How spacious is your backyard?

Determining what style to use for pool is for sure the most exciting part of the process. When you think about a pool you always imagine the beauty and aesthetics of the finished project first… but hold on!  The design of the pool and pool surrounds should be undertaken with great discretion and a strong emphasis must go into the practical use of space.

Have a look at your backyard, think creatively and try to imagine an efficient layout that allows you to maximise your space. You want to make sure you have enough room to fence off the pool area, enough space for tiles or wooden slats if above ground, make sure to make room for pool management systems, etc.

Backyard style

Always remember the style and design of the pool should be an extension of your home and backyard architecture. It will help ensure a beautiful and natural landscape as a result and is highly recommended!

Put your plan into action

Once you’ve got a detailed plan ready to go regarding space and style, it’s time to blueprint it with your builder and get the project started so you can enjoy your new pool when summer arrives.

Pool Maintenance and Support

Have you thought about your pool maintenance once it’s been built? You should check out our range of services that we offer which will make your after-market pool care even easier.