Has Your Pool Turned Green?

Spring is here, and you are gearing up in getting your pool ready to enjoy the warmer season! To your surprise, you have discovered that your once clear waters have turned a sickening shade of green.

It is essential for you to learn how to clean the pool correctly in getting rid of those nasty algae. Here are some preparation and steps in cleaning the pool:

Step 1: Preparing Your Materials

If you want to get rid of green pool water, then you need to start off by testing your pool with a chemical test kit you can purchase from our shop. Our kit will help you determine the full extent of the problem. The second step of how to get rid of pool algae is to check the filter and make sure that it’s working properly. Backwash the filter if there is a lot of debris stuck in it, and ensures that it’s working at optimal levels before adding any chemicals to your pool. Finally, scrub down both the sides and the bottom of your pool to eliminate any clinging algae

Step 2: Give Your Pool The Shock Treatment

The next step for how to clear up a green pool is to shock the water. The chances are that your chlorine levels are below 1ppm, which means the water will need to endure high levels of chlorine to sanitise your pool thoroughly. For the most part, a shock treatment of approximately 70% available chlorine will do the trick.

TIP: If you haven’t treated your green pool for some weeks, then you may need to shock the pool more than once

Step 3: Clean Up

Here is the final step for how to clean a green pool: cleaning up. Start off by vacuuming the bottom and sides of your pool to get rid of any dead algae. Continue to run the filter until that water is crystal clear, and then be sure to re-check your chemical levels to ensure that they are back within normal range.

You can also contact us on 02 9790 1563 to arrange your swimming pool to be thoroughly and regularly maintained by our pool experts. You can also bring a water sample into our shop for a FREE computer water analysis at Unit 1/167 Newbridge Rd, Chipping Norton (entry via Gov Macquarie Dr ).