Pool Accessories

Pool Accessories

If you need it for your pool, we have it. Pool supplies and the expertise to get the best solution for your needs. Visit our store to see our wide range of pool supplies and get advice.

Pool Blankets

We highly recommend the installation of a pool blanket or roller. A blanket or roller will give you the benefit of a longer season in the swimming pool or spa by maintaining the optimum water temperature when running a heater. The blanket or roller will help to prevent minimal heat loss and evaporation including unnecessary loss of chlorine.

The blanket or roller will keep your spa or pool cleaner, reducing the degree of work for the filtration and cleaning systems and in addition, cut salt and chemical use by 50%. It is important the blanket or roller be fitted by a professional to ensure you are receiving all these benefits.

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Pool Lighting

Pump & Pool People’s Showroom has a wide range of pool lighting products including underwater LED pool lights and globes.

Aquaquip and Spa Electric pool lights are available, designed for all types of domestic and commercial inground swimming pools. With special features including variable voltage, economical to use with the latest features e.g. choice of Halogen or LED multi colour and DC power system for the latest in technological safety – call us for a free delivery quotation.

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Other Pool Supplies

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