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chlorinators and cleaners

We all know how important cleaning a pool is. The combination of a Chlorinator and Cleaner will keep your pool clean. Not only that, keeping your pool clean will save you money in the long run, keep your family safe and allow you to get the most of our your pool.

We’ve got a wide range of both chlorinators and automatic cleaners. We’re also Warranty Agents for Saltmate & Astral Salt Chlorinators.

Some myths about chlorine, or interesting fact anyway. That chemical smell of the public pool isn’t chlorine. It’s chloramines. These are volatile substances that form when chlorine and contaminants combine in the pool. So to avoid this isn’t necessarily to use less chlorine, but to keep a cleaner pool too. As it is both of these factors that are the cause. You can clean the pool with an automatic cleaner. It’s also a good idea to shower before swimming, to avoid introducing contaminants.

Regular pool maintenance including cleaning of the electrolyte cell plate is a key factor. Pump & Pool People can assist with a regular pool cleaning service including, checking the salt water pool chlorinators, particularly where the water supply has high levels of calcium. Installing a self cleaning chlorinator will help with the problem of hard water.

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Pool Salt Chlorinators

Salt chlorinators are an alternative way of sanitising and cleaning your pool with chlorine by the process of electrolysis. A salt water chlorinator is a chlorine generator with an electrolytic cell and a low voltage power supply. Through the process of electrolysis the units convert salt to sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). Once the cleaning process has finished the sodium hypochlorite converts back to salt. The water content is very clean and natural, suitable to people with sensitivity to allergens and chemicals.

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Automatic Cleaners

Pump & Pool People stock and highly recommend Kreepy Krauly automatic swimming pool cleaners because their products and accessories are of a high quality and the most advanced technology. We’re Warranty Agents for Kreepy Krauly, Zodiac Baracuda, Hayward & Onga Pentair Pool Cleaners.

Pump & Pool People’s technicians specialise in the latest technological information regarding supply and installation of automatic swimming pool cleaning systems eg. Robotic K-Bot RX1 / RX2 / RX3, Marathon, Conquest, Klever Kleena, Kadet, Sprinter, Zodiac G2 / T5 / T3, Baracuda MX8 / MX6, Polaris 280 / 360 / 3900, Jetvac, Leaf Wizard, Hayward, Poolvac Ultra, Aqua Quitter, Hammer Head, Sand Shark, Pentair Rebel.

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