Pool Pumps & Filters

Pool Pumps & Filters

Pool Pumps

Your pool pump is the heart of your pool. Our qualified pool professionals can visit your home and install or repair your pump. During the visit they’ll inspect that everything is working as expected. If they discover a fault or a bigger problem, they’ll be happy to help. A no obligation, competitive, quote will be offered to repair or replace and solve your needs.

We stock a wide range of pool pumps. One of the biggest in Sydney. Visit our pool shop to see the full selection and get the right advice about the needs of your pool.

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Pool Filters

Having the right filter for your pool is the first line of defense to ensure a safe and clean pool. Just there are various kinds of pools, and pool chemistry, there are different filters to cater to those variations.

Talk to one of our pool professionals to get the advice you need. Be assured that we maintain a wide range of filters for every pool.

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