Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters

Pool Heating

Pump & Pool People’s showroom boast a selection of 3 phase pool heating and electric spa heaters. Remember, the perfect temperature for swimming is between 25 – 26 degrees C, however the average temperature achieved naturally is lower i.e. 18 – 20 degrees C, because of the heat loss over night from the pool’s water.

When choosing a pool heating, base it on the size of the area to heat and the maximum temperature you wish to achieve by heating. The smaller the area the quicker the heating process takes.

Heaters connected to spas must have a thermostatic control with the maximum temperature of 40 degrees C.

Choosing Pool Heating

Ask us for the best size model pool heater you require, as well as the controls to suit your spa or swimming pool.

Indoor spas or swimming pools require additional installation of pool heaters e.g. special flueing and/or additional ventilation to suit the area surrounding the spa or pool. Pump and Pool People can assist with the best technical advice regarding the use of pool heaters and their suitability both indoors and outdoors.

Pool Heating Operation

Pool heating pumps may be installed for pool or spa heating both outdoors and indoors. When installing an indoor heat pump allow for adequate ventilation for the fan system which draws the air over the coils and expels it again.

Heat pumps are all thermostatically controlled. For all the information on the additional benefits including time clock controls and pump interlocks to maximise your economy for use when operating both a heat pump and a pool pump call Pump and Pool People for your technical information update and a no-obligation quotation on your spa or pool heating services and products.

Chemicals must not be stored in the same area as a pool gas heater. Spa blowers must be located a minimum of 1.5 metres from a gas heater. Electric heat pumps are extremely energy efficient because they don’t use a lot of electric energy to operate but are very efficient in producing heat.

Pump & Pool People have a wide range of spa and pool heating including gas and electric pool heating as well as pool heat pumps.

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