Pool Alarms

Kids love pools, and pool alarms are a fantastic addition to any pool populated by families. They help act as another safety measure to make sure no accidents happen in your pool and keep your family safe.

Why Buy a Pool Alarm?

Pool alarms alert you when someone or someone opens a gate to your pool, removes a pool cover or disturbs the surface of the pool. They help to ensure safety in two ways: allowing you to see when someone enters the pool area and alerts you when someone gets into the pool, whether accidentally or deliberately. While not primarily a life-saving device, it does give you some time to react if someone uses your pool or accidentally falls in.

Think Safety sign at the swimming pool with lifebuoy

Types of Alarms

There are several types of pool alarms on the market to have a look at.

The first type is a buoy alarm that floats on the surface of the pool and sounds an alert when the water moves. The disadvantage is that they may create a false alert in heavy winds, small animals disturb the water or debris falls into the pool. Some alarms install into the side of the pool and create an alert when someone breaks the surface of the water or displaces water. These are effective but also quite expensive.

The second type are pool gate alarms, which are installed around barriers to the pool and sound an alarm when the gate opens. These are most effective if there is only one access point. In some cases, you may want a combination of a pool alarm in the water and a gate alarm for maximum security.


Pool alarms are great to help keep children, pets and intruders out of your pool area, but you have to choose the right model for your type of pool. Try to look for features that suit your pool area and offer the most effective alert system, as this is most important for ensuring maximum security.