pH Value for Good Quality Water

Checking Ph Level In Blue Outdoor Pool

Here is some great information about the right pH value for good water quality.

As you may already know ‘pH’ is a measure of the acidity of the water. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, where pH 7 is neutral. If the pH is above 7, the water is basic; if it is below 7, the water is acid.

The optimum pH for pool water is 7.4 since this is the same as the pH in human eyes and mucous membranes. The optimal pH level also gives good chlorine disinfection in your swimming pool.

What happens if you have low pH value? The pool water will become acidic, and it will cause:
– damages to the mechanical components of the pool
– irritations of the eyes and mucous membranes
– damages to the pool liner

What happens if you have high pH value? The pool water will cause:
– poorer chlorine disinfection
– skin irritation
– lime precipitation
– cloudiness

For tips on how to raise or lower the pH value on your pool, contact us the Pump & Pool People on 02 9790 1563. You can also bring a water sample into our shop for a FREE computer water analysis at Unit 1/167 Newbridge Rd, Chipping Norton (entry via Gov Macquarie Dr ).