Fun Pool Games For Kids

Fun Pool Games for Kids!

Do you need to keep the kids occupied during their holiday or the weekend? Here are some games they can play in the swimming pool.

Two little girls and boy fun jumping into the swimming pool, sho

  1. Find the Bottle

Take an empty clear bottle – if possible, one with a blue cap or same colour to the bottom of the pool. Line the players up on the pool deck with backs to the water. Fill the bottle with pool water and toss it in the pool. Players can turn around at your mark and race to look for the bottle.

  1. Marco Polo

This classic is tag in the water. “It” closes their eyes and yells “MARCO!” the rest of the players respond with “POLO!” while they move around the pool and try to avoid being caught. Be careful which kind of pool you play this in, you’ll want to make sure it’s shallow, and the players are mindful of “It” not being able to see where they are going.

  1. Snakes

Similar to tag, the chaser must tag players. Once a player is tagged, he or she must hold hands to the chaser and run/swim together to tag the next player. Eventually, they will form a long line of chasers to corner remaining players.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Scatter a handful of coins in the pool. You can use both metal and plastic coins so that some will float and some will sink. The player with most coins wins.

  1. Cavaliers in Battle

You can play this game with two teams or more. In each team, one sits on the shoulder of another and goes into the battle to fight the other team. The team who had their cavalier falls from their horse loses.

  1. Ping Pong

Just as it is fun to collect things that sink to the bottom, you can do the same with things that float. Ping pong balls make a great floating thing to catch since they’re light and hard to see. You can put numbers on them for point values, initials on them where players need to find just their own, etc. The more you toss into the pool, the more fun it is.