4 easy ways to improve pool performance and life span

These 4 tips will not only ensure you have a clean and safe pool but are also cost effective ways to preserve your pool for longer.

1. Keep your pool free of debris
It sounds obvious but try to clear out your pool and equipment every 2-3 days. Use a long handled net to take any leaves or bugs out of the pool. This not only looks nicer but will also increase the efficiency of the pool’s circulation and lower the amount of chlorine needed. The more regularly you do it the less likely anything will sink to the bottom and so the quicker each cleaning session will be.
While doing this do not forget to check your filter, skimmer and pump strainer which should be cleaned once a week (check your filter maintenance guide for cleaning requirements though, as it is possible to clean it too often). To clean your skimmer and pump strainer remove basket and shake it out using a hose to help get those stubborn bits out.

2. Balance your pH, chlorine and chlorine stabilizer levels
The optimum pH level you should be aiming for in your pool is 7.6 according to the Australian Standard. You can buy a pH testing kit from any pool supply store or online, pH increasers or decreasers can then be used to balance this level out, producing the best quality water. We can help you in person decide on the best chlorine and other sanitiser treatment, as this will depend on the size of your pool, the filter you are using, the temperature and pool use. In addition, we will also help you balance the chlorine stabilizer levels. Chlorine stabilizer, or cyanuric acid, is the chemical which prevents chlorine from being depleted by the sun. It works by slowing down the oxidation period and so allows the chlorine to work better, for longer.

3. Keep the tiles along the water line clean
Bacteria and algae will collect along the edges of the pool as evaporation and flotation cause them to rise to the surface and stick to the sides. By cleaning this area regularly you will prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and so keep these harmful substances out of your pool.

4. Shock treatment
For added cleanliness you should give your pool a shock treatment every week-2 weeks, especially in the hot months and after any big parties. Shock treatment is the addition of oxidizing compounds which destroy the chloramines and other undesirable compounds in the pool. This should be carried out in the evening and is an addition (not replacement!) to your ongoing sanitation regime. Be sure to check the instructions so that you know how long you should leave it before you use the pool again (one night is usually enough).
Now you can enjoy your pool to the full, safe in the knowledge that you’ve done everything you can to maintain a clean and efficient pool system.